Sewer and Drain Cleaning, Repair and Replacement


Cleaning out Clogged Sewer Lines and Repairing Leaky Pipes throughout Lake County, Geauga County and the Chagrin Valley

You may be a lucky homeowner and never experience any issues with clogged sewer lines. Or, you may notice signs that something is awry and you have a sewer system backup. Signs of a sewer line issue include:

  • Strong sewage odors in kitchen drains, bathroom drains or yard
  • Backups in multiple drains at the same time (showers, sinks, toilets)
  • Gurgling toilet noise when washing machine, shower or tub is in use
  • Pools of water near basement floor or drain


Avoid Sewer Line Issues with Regular Cleanings

Sewer line issues can be caused by leaks or breaks in the piping (could be caused naturally by shifting soil, freezing temperatures, or time), tree root intrusion (very common), and debris or grease blockage. The sewer line inspection services provided by Kobella plumbers will diagnose the issue and prepare repair solutions, including opening the drain with a special drain machine to clear the clog.

Diagnose Sewer Line Issues with Sewer Video Camera Inspections

Kobella technicians work quickly and efficiently to minimize interference at your home. The technology that allows us to do so – sewer video camera inspections – pinpoints exactly what the problem is, where it is, the best possible solution to fix it.

We offer complete sewer services to address problems identified through sewer inspections including:
Sewer Line Repair

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