Sewer Camera Inspections


What is a sewer video camera inspection?

A plumbing technician inserts a flexible cord with a high-resolution video camera on the end into your sewer line. As the video camera travels through the pipe and around corners, the technician can watch the video in real time on a small screen.

There are two great advantages to this process.

One: It’s not invasive. This plumbing camera inspection allows us to inspect pipes that are underground, beneath your home’s foundation or buried in cement without having to dig up your home or yard.

Two: We can more easily identify exactly where the problem is and how to fix it. During inspection, the camera records the depth and physical location of any problems or obstructions, so the technician can determine how to address the problem in the most efficient and cost effective way.

You can even be involved if you want. As the plumbing technician is conducting the sewer camera inspection, he can discuss the existing or potential problems he’s seeing with you, pointing out specific elements on the screen.

What problems are frequently identified through sewer camera inspections?

You’d be surprised what we find sometimes, but more often than not, these are the main culprits of clogged or backed up drains that have customers calling for inspections:

  • Root infestations
  • Misaligned pipes
  • Broken pipes
  • Punctured or corroded pipes
  • Grease buildups
  • Food or waste obstructions


Why do customers request sewer camera inspections?

These inspections can be a non-invasive, cost-efficient way of determining how to solve a plumbing problem. Some of the best times for plumbing camera inspections are:

  • When you’re experiencing slow or frequent drain backups
  • When your drain or drains are clogged
  • When you’ve lost a valuable down the drain
  • When you’re considering buying or selling a home, to ensure you don’t inherit or pass on expensive repairs
  • When you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, to ensure the sewer line can handle increased needs


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Erin Coates
Erin Coates
11:23 24 Jul 17
Extremely pleased with Kobella plumbing--arrived early, very professional and knowledgeable. Fixed my water pressure, snaked out my drain, put in a new toilet, added valves in every bathroom, fixed/changed out pipes under my sink and provided helpful information along the way. Highly recommend if you're looking for quality service from trustworthy professionals!
Stephen Norton
Stephen Norton
01:03 21 Jun 17
I highly recommend. Professional, experienced and prompt. I had a large project, both inside and outside the home. The owner, Mike Kobella was very good with communicating details and remaining in contact by phone, text and email. I contacted Mike by text while he was away on vacation (and I was reluctant to do so, but needed to update him on County waterline work)...he was great and responded almost immediately.
Carol Peter
Carol Peter
02:04 29 Apr 17
We woke up without water pressure/no water. I called well before 8:00 in the morning, expecting voice mail or an answering service. I talked to Lisa in their office, who had Tim out here before 8:30. He replaced the pressure tank and determined the well pump was also dead. They gave us a recommendation for a company who did a great job. Kobella did excellent work for us! Between their responsiveness, professionalism, and excellent referral, we got water back in a pretty short period of time. We are very happy with Kobella and will use them in the future.
John Barkan
John Barkan
01:22 14 Jun 17
Sure, everyone's home A/C goes out on one of the hottest days of the year, and ours was no exception! So Monday afternoon called to see if they could come out as soon as possible (yes, I know I was asking a lot!). Lisa, who handles the calls, said they were slammed, but she would try to move non immediate action appointments around, and get me in. 5 minutes later she called back and said she could have someone here on Tuesday, before Noon! No way I thought, and Yes way they did!! Crew showed up at 10:30 and jumped right in. Found the problem, which was something that was on going, unbeknownst to me. Set up a plan of attack and got to work! Less than 2 hrs later, the house is starting to cool. Anthony and his partner were tremendous! Pointed out to me the problem, gave me my options and went right at it. Could not be more pleased! Since my former HACV guy retired and Kobella took over the account, I've need them twice and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to all households in Lake and Geauga counties!!
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams
13:25 30 May 17
From the service over the phone to fit us the service in my home to retrieve Oscar the Grouch, Kobella was a great find for my family and we will be consistently using them for any plumbing or HVAC services in the future.
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