There are times when you know you need a plumber, such as when your sump pump fails and your basement floods. Yet, there are also times when you might not know you need us. For example, do you know how healthy your family’s water supply is? Or do you just assume it’s fine because there’s no obvious smell or discoloration?

Kobella is available for Geauga county families in both of these scenarios. While we enjoy coming to your aid during times of emergency, we also enjoy sharing our knowledge of healthy water supply and plumbing systems. Below are just a few recent examples.

Helping Families Overcome Emergencies

The Kobella team helps local customers throughout Geauga County during times of frustration or crises. Recently, a West Geauga schoolteacher contacted us with the urgent matter of a flooded basement. Her finished basement was flooded due to sump pump failure. Sump pumps, usually installed in the lowest parts of basements, are meant to keep the area under the home dry and prevent it from dampness or worse: flooding.

The Kobella team arrived right away to install a new sump pump for the West Geauga home. We also installed a battery backup sump pump, so the risk of future floods would be significantly decreased.

Our team partnered with a water damage restoration business that helped to clean up and dry out the basement. Within a short time, our collaboration restored peace-of-mind to the homeowners.

Educating Families on Healthy Water Supply

Kobella also helps families and small businesses through education of healthy water supply and plumbing systems.

Many homeowners in Geauga County – particularly those in Chesterland, Novelty, Chagrin Falls and Bainbridge – are on well water systems. Wells are the most common way to obtain groundwater for household use. A pump draws water from the well system’s aquifer for distribution throughout your homes’ plumbing systems.

Well water is often considered a plus over municipal water supplies because, electricity to pump it aside, its free. Yet, well water is not without its cons.

Many homeowners are not aware that well water should be tested every few months. Listed below are just a few reasons frequent testing ensures your family’s health:

  • Well water may contain high levels of minerals – such as magnesium, calcium, or iron – which can lead to rough clothes, spots on dishes, dry skin and hair, and scale buildup on faucets and fixtures
  • Disease-causing bacteria can enter the well water supply
  • Chemicals – such as arsenic and radon – can contaminate the well water supply
  • Old pipes can transfer lead into the well water

The Kobella team enjoys helping Geauga county customers better the quality of their well water systems through the installation of water treatment equipment.

“[Kobella] completely changed our water quality by installing a filter/softener. [They] were quick to schedule and very easy to accommodate with [my] children’s schedules. [Kobella] is now our go-to plumber!” said a customer from Novelty, OH.

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