Preventive Maintenance Programs

Did you clean your faucet aerators this year? Do you know where the emergency water shut off valve is located in your home? Is your water heater running efficiently? This is only the start of a long list of questions most homeowners should be able to answer, but the reality is most of us don’t have the time to become experts in home plumbing and HVAC systems. That’s where we come in. Kobella offers preventive maintenance plans, or yearly check-ups, to ensure your home’s systems are running safely and efficiently – saving you time and money.

Why schedule annual preventive maintenance with Kobella?

  • Major appliances, used daily or a couple times per week, can undergo significant stress within just one year. Annual maintenance can lower utility costs and extend appliance life.
  • Catching small problems in water or sewer lines before they become much larger can save you thousands of dollars.
  • Ease your mind knowing your homes HVAC system is ready to keep you from sweltering in the summer heat or freezing during a Cleveland winter.
  • Allow yourself some mental freedom. Focus on your family and career and let us worry about your home’s safe and efficient plumbing operations.
Join our Plumbing Preventive Maintenance Program

Join our Plumbing preventative maintenance program and receive:
✓ 1 visit per year
✓ 10% off on all repairs and new installations
✓ priority service over non-program members

During the visit, technician will check and inspect:
 Emergency water shut off valves
 Sewage ejector pump & valve
 Water heater
 Sump pump
 Water softener
 Showers/bathtubs
 Laundry connections
 Bathroom drains & faucets
 Kitchen drains & faucets
 Toilets
 Garbage disposal
 Outside plumbing

Technician will also flush hot water heater and pressure tank, perform minor toilet adjustments, and test amps on well pump & water heater.


Whole house plumbing $99/1 year
2nd water heater add $20/1 year
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Join our HVAC Preventive Maintenance Program

Join our HVAC preventative maintenance program and receive:
✓ 2 visits per year (1 in spring, 1 in fall)
✓ 10% off on all repairs and new installations
✓ priority service over non-program members

During the visit, technician will check and inspect:
 Thermostat
 Heat exchanger (with camera)
 Fan control
 Refrigerant charge
 Condensate drain
 Ignition system
 Combustion
 Disconnect power box
 Furnace safety control
 Electrical connections
 Gas valve operations
 Gas pressure
 Heat element
 Static pressure

Technician will also lubricate moving parts, clean coil and fins on outdoor unit, test cycle for proper operation, and look for refrigerant leaks.


Furnace & AC $194/1 year
Heat pump and air handler $194/1 year
Mini split $194/1 year
Boiler only $194/2 years
Multiple system 10% off pricing
Humidifier pad add $30/1 year
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