How to Install a Bathroom In Your Basement: The Most Important Considerations

So you’ve decided you’d like to have a bathroom in your basement. Now what? The project can be grouped into two large phases of considerations.

Initial Considerations:

  • New water and sewage piping and pumps
  • Electrical systems
  • Framing and drywall
  • Floor plan and fixture layout

Final Considerations:

  • Vanity and cabinets
  • Fixtures and faucets
  • Wall paint and trim
  • Flooring

Because this is a very involved project, you should highly consider calling in a professional contractor. There are several issues that make below-ground plumbing more complex than the rest of your home plumbing. Below we discuss two of the most important considerations when plumbing a basement bathroom.

#1: Sewer Lines

At the start of a basement bathroom project, our first question is: where are your home’s sewer lines located?

For most homes on public or city sewers, the lines run beneath the basement floor. Therefore, we’d break up a small part of the existing floor to connect the new bathroom sewer lines to the existing system.

For most homes with septic systems, the sewer lines may be higher up the basement wall, at ground level. In this scenario, we’d need to install a sewage ejector pump to pump the basement bathroom sewage up to the ground level septic system.

#2: Drainage

For homes with sewer lines beneath the basement floor, the next big question becomes: are those lines low enough to allow for drainage from the new basement bathroom?

Most plumbing relies on gravity to drain away sewage and wastewater. Your sewer line may be deep enough to allow the new basement plumbing to work on gravity just as your aboveground plumbing does. If it is not deep enough, then you may have to consider alternative options and fixtures.

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