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Why Does One Faucet Have Low Water Pressure?

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Low water pressure is a common plumbing problem that many families struggle with. In some cases, water pressure problems may be localized, affecting only one fixture in the home. While low water pressure affecting the entire property is a sign of needed plumbing repair, isolated issues with water pressure can be fixed with DIY troubleshooting.

The plumbing professionals at Kobella Plumbing, Heating & Cooling share insights about the most common causes of low water pressure in your faucet and how to fix them.

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Common Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Faucet

Dealing with low water pressure can be a headache, but it doesn’t always mean you’ll have to shell out for expensive plumbing repairs. Before you call a plumbing repair specialist to address the problem, inspect your faucets for the following common causes of low water pressure:

Dirty Aerator

All faucets have an aerator mechanism located at the tip of the fixture designed to prevent splashing in the sink. Over time, your aerators may become clogged or dirty, which can result in reduced water pressure in your faucet. If you notice low water pressure impacting just one faucet in your home, remove the aerator and clean it thoroughly to restore adequate water flow to your fixture.

Closed Valves

Your kitchen and bathroom sinks all have a water shut-off valve, which can come in handy in the event of a sudden water leak. However, when these valves are partially closed, it can lead to water pressure problems in your faucet. Inspect the valve under the sink to ensure it’s open all the way. If you notice it’s partially closed, close it completely before reopening it to restore water pressure.

Faulty Components

Faucet cartridges or stems are the parts of your fixture that are connected to the faucet handle and are responsible for controlling the water flow. Over time, these components may become worn out and require replacement. It can be an easy DIY project if you feel confident enough to do this on your own.

Low Water Pressure Affecting the Entire Home

Sometimes, water pressure problems aren’t isolated, impacting the entire home. In this case, contacting a knowledgeable plumber may be the best option for restoring adequate water pressure to your property.

There are several reasons why your home may experience a sudden drop in water pressure, including:

  • Debris buildup: Sand and dirt accumulation in your pipes is common in homes that rely on well water; however, this can also happen when a water main breaks on your municipal system.
  • Hidden leaks: A leak hiding in your plumbing system can result in low water pressure. To see if you have a hidden leak, shut your faucets completely and check your water meter. If it’s moving, you have a leak on your hands.
  • Municipal supply: In some cases, a drop in water pressure may be due to issues with your municipal water supply. A plumber can help measure the water pressure as it enters your home and report the problem as needed.

Get Plumbing Repairs With Kobella

If you’re experiencing persistent water pressure problems in your home despite using the troubleshooting techniques outlined above, Kobella is here to help. For nearly 20 years, our veteran-owned plumbing company has proudly offered fast, reliable plumbing repairs that Lake County-area families trust to keep their water flowing smoothly.

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