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Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air in the Winter?

heat pump with panel open for repair

One problem a homeowner might notice is when a heat pump’s heating mode is on, cold air can start blowing, and there are a few reasons for this. While cold air might be a sign of trouble and a valid reason to request HVAC service, heat pumps blow out cool air that might feel like the AC is on. Hence, heat pumps operate differently than furnaces and conventional coolers.

Below, we will explore when the air blast is a unit malfunction versus running a routine cycle. We will also explore online deals and federal HVAC tax credits if your system is faulty and you need a replacement.

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How Heat Pumps Work

While traditional furnaces heat the air, heat pumps draw in air from outside and bring it indoors. But with heat pumps, when they pull cold air from outside, there is adequate heat that the refrigerant can absorb.

Temperatures: Heat Pump Versus Furnaces

When it comes to how heat feels, heat pump air is different from a furnace’s output and much cooler. The temperature might reach 85 degrees with a heat pump, while a traditional furnace can put out temperatures up to 120 degrees.

In addressing why your heat pump is blowing cold air, causes include a dirty unit, a clogged filter, and the wrong thermostat settings. And that’s why maintenance is important.

Why Schedule Regular Service Checks?

Routine service maintains your heat pump and extends its life span as dirt, clogs, and worn parts can stress it, make it harder to work, and subsequently increase heating costs and repair bills.

Let our experts thoroughly inspect all critical components and check your heat pump’s efficiency and performance to catch potential problems early. Next, we will look at when cold air is normal in your heat pump versus when it needs service.

Refrigerant Leaks

To confirm your heat pump has no refrigerant leak, look for signs like hissing noise. Check at night when it’s quieter. Other signs include frozen parts, higher energy charges, and decreased output. Because refrigerant is liquid at room temperature, look for a greasy residue on the outside unit.

Defrost Mode

Heat pumps must defrost sometimes to prevent excess strain, which is normal. Exposed to the elements, if the outdoor unit has frost, it triggers its “defrost mode.” Hence, if the fans blow cold air, the heat pump transfers heat outside to thaw the frozen parts.

Defrost cycles activate at 30-, 60-, or 90-minute intervals and can run for two to 10 minutes, but this varies by the ice buildup. Defrost mode is a manual setting you can activate when needed.

Dirty Air Filter

A simple fix is changing your filter. Clogged filters can freeze a heat pump and cause cold air to blow inside your home. Checking the filter status first is always best if you notice cold airflow indoors.

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