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4 Unexpected Ways Well Water Filter Systems Can Make Your Life Better

#1 Drink Water from the Tap without Plugging Your Nose

Ok, so this first reason may not be unexpected, but it deserves a spot on the list as it’s the number one driver for change in family’s’ water supply.

Well water often contains sulfur, which can cause your water to smell like rotten-eggs. Can you imagine what it would be like to grab a glass of water from the kitchen sink or to shower without having to experience that smell?

It’s as simple as installing a well water filtration system. Plus, you’ll get all the less obvious benefits listed below.  

#2 Prevent Unnecessary Breakdown of Appliances and Fixtures

The sediments in well water can build up over time, plugging aerators, washing machine hoses, hot water heaters, toilet fill valves and more. If the sediment becomes too built up, you might find yourself with an even bigger problem and a more costly repair or complete replacement.

A whole house water filtration system for your well water can protect all your appliances and fixtures from experiencing sediment buildup. The filter can also help to correct the water’s pH levels, making it less acidic. Over time, acidic well water can corrode your home’s pipes and fixtures.

#3 Reduce Unsightly Stains on Bathroom or Kitchen Fixtures

Want to spend less time cleaning, scrubbing with all your might to remove stains from sinks, tubs and toilets? Let a water filtration system do the work for you. It will remove sediments and minerals from the water, significantly reducing the soap scum and other stains that build up around your fixtures.

#4 Maintain Your Silky Locks

Minerals in well water, such as iron, can build up on your hair. Not only can these minerals tint your hair a strange orange color, but also they can create buildup that makes your hair appear dull and flat.

Water issues like this can be especially frustrating because it’s your home – you should be able to comfortably shower there and not worry about how it’s affecting your hair or skin. Well water filter systems remove the minerals that damage your hair, saving you a trip to the salon or the family gym shower.

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