Is Your Older Furnace Leaking Carbon Monoxide in Your Home?

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Without a reliable furnace, homes and families would struggle to stay warm during the freezing chill of winter. Yet, as they age, furnaces can become a risk for homeowners. Not only do older furnaces struggle to produce heat as well, but they also can leak hazardous carbon monoxide within a house.

When encountered in high concentrations, carbon monoxide is highly toxic to both humans and animals. It can cause illness or even be fatal in excessive amounts, so Ohio homeowners must be aware of the possibility of CO leaks.

Read on to learn more about the risks associated with older furnaces and the warning signs that your furnace might produce carbon monoxide.

How Older Heating Systems Put Your Home at Risk

Older furnaces, especially those not regularly inspected or maintained, pose a higher risk of carbon monoxide leakage. Normal furnace wear and tear over time can lead to ventilation problems or cracks in the heat exchanger component. Both issues allow CO to seep into a home rather than being safely vented outside.

So, an older furnace can result in the unsafe presence of carbon monoxide within a household. If the problem persists, the CO levels can get dangerously unhealthy and even fatal. Therefore, regular heating inspections and maintenance aren’t simply a matter of efficiency or comfort but safety. Every home depends on a well-functioning furnace to use its natural gas safely.

5 Signs of Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

Because carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas, it isn’t easy to notice. So, families often won’t recognize its presence right away, and it can accumulate more and more to dangerous levels.

These are five life-saving ways to detect carbon monoxide in your home and get urgent attention for your furnace.

Frequent Headaches & Shortness of Breath

One of the most common signs of carbon monoxide exposure is experiencing frequent headaches, dizziness, or shortness of breath.

Illness Symptoms Only at Home

Like the symptom above, experiencing other illness symptoms just while you’re home is often a clear sign that your home has carbon monoxide; symptoms to pay attention to include nausea, fatigue, confusion, or irritability.

Soot Marks Around the Fireplace

If you notice black streaks around the fireplace or opening of the furnace, this indicates an incomplete combustion process, typically producing carbon monoxide. Your furnace might not be venting properly, or a blockage could prevent gases from being safely released outside.

Increased Condensation Around Windows

A telltale sign of carbon monoxide within a home is unusual or increased condensation on the inside of windows close to gas appliances, like the furnace or stove. This indicates that combustion gases aren’t venting properly and are instead building up indoors.

Pilot Light Issues

Finally, your home might be dealing with carbon monoxide if there are frequent problems with the pilot lights on gas appliances. Pilot light issues, like burning with a yellow or orange flame instead of blue, can indicate a malfunction that could be producing carbon monoxide.

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A carbon monoxide leak within a home should not be taken lightly. If you notice any of the warning signs above, get immediate help from a professional like the experienced team at Kobella Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We’ll take prompt action to inspect your Northeast Ohio home and solve any CO furnace issues quickly.

Plus, our repair services will increase your home’s heating capabilities, decrease your monthly energy bills, and improve your daily comfort. We’ve been delivering top-tier HVAC services and customer care since 2006.

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