Furnace Maintenance Checklist: What Homeowners Should Know

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A furnace checklist can help ensure your system runs correctly before the temperature drops outside. Regular maintenance and a yearly checkup by a qualified furnace technician can prevent a sudden premature breakdown in frigid weather.

The HVAC experts at Kobella Plumbing, Heating & Cooling have a DIY furnace maintenance checklist to keep your furnace in top condition. While this is not an exhaustive list, an annual service appointment from a professional will cover more steps.

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Clean the Burners

Routinely remove and clean your burners when you change the filter to avoid a buildup of condensation and soot, which prematurely age furnaces. To clean your furnace burner, shut off the gas valve to turn off the furnace, and after removing the burners, wipe them with a cloth or vacuum them. Clean and wipe dirt off the flame sensor, which monitors the pilot light status.

Change Filters

To improve indoor air quality and make your HVAC more efficient, change your filter every one to two months if you have pets. If you do not, change it every three months, and if you have allergies, replace the filter monthly.

Failing to replace your filter can strain your system and cause HVAC short-cycling from particles, debris, dirt, and hair.

Inspect the Fan

Clean and inspect the blower and check the run capacitator. Check the blower and inducer fans and that the fan wheels are spinning freely. Your vents need regular cleanings to stay unobstructed as they transport gas from your home. Signs of clogged vents include water streaks, debris, or rust in the flue or vent.

Lubricate Parts

Lubricate the furnace blower motor, motor bearings, and inducer fans as a lubricant reduces friction and lets parts slide smoothly. Lack of lubricant can wear parts down, and you might have to replace them early.

Check the Thermostat

Ensure your thermostat functions and runs accurately by routinely changing the batteries. Request a furnace repair to report any issues. You can also schedule an inspection and let a furnace technician recalibrate the thermostat, which lowers energy consumption.

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Regular furnace checkups will keep your home pleasant year-round and your family safe. With a boost in energy efficiency, routine cleaning will maintain your furnace warranty, keep it ventilated, and catch small problems early. If this is your first furnace maintenance check, schedule annual inspections with a professional HVAC contractor. Backed by years of experience, Kobella Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive HVAC services in Ohio.

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