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Electric Water Heater Not Working? Learn Why.

Uncover Why Your Electric Water Heater is Not Working

Cold water for your dishes or your clothes is one thing, but a cold water for your shower is a whole different story. If you think you’re experiencing cold water because of a failing electric water heater, ask yourself these three questions.

Do you know how old your water heater is?

While we understand you already have one million things to remember (especially as a homeowner), the age of your water heater is one of those things you should move up the list. Or, at least document and tape to the inside of your kitchen cabinet or pantry wall – especially if you want to avoid cold showers in the future.

For most tanks, you can determine the age of your water heater by looking at the manufacturer’s serial number; usually found on the front of the water heater. The date of the water heater is coded into this serial number. You can check the manufacturer’s website or give them a call to learn how to decode the serial number and find out how old it is.

The average lifespan of a water heater is 10 years. A water heater over 10 years old should be replaced to prevent unnecessary flooding or damage.

Do you see any water around the water heater?

If you notice any water on the tank, even droplets or moisture, you could have a small leak. Be sure to check the fittings and connections to the tank for leaks as well. You could have a loose valve allowing water to leak out. Lastly, closely inspect the bottom of the water heater and the surrounding floor. Glass-lined tanks can degrade or rust over time, allowing water to escape.

As soon as you notice leaking water, you should shut off power to the water heater at the breaker panel and contact a professional.

Did the water suddenly switch from hot to cold while someone was showering or washing dishes?

A sudden and drastic change in the water temperature could be an indication of internal component failure. The circuit breaker could have tripped, or the water heater elements and thermostats may have failed.

A professional plumber can inspect the water heater to determine which of these power issues is true and how to best address it.

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